The 7th Training Week of ENHAnCE was celebrated in Milano, Italy

From left to right: Dr. María Rodríguez (FIDAMC), Mr. Diego Sáenz (FIDAMC), Mr. Sergio Solís (FIDAMC), Dr. Dimitrios Zarouchas (TUDELFT), Dr. Claudio Sbarufatti (POLIMI), Prof. Alain Lhemery (CEA List), Dr. Franceso Cadinni (POLIMI), Prof. Peter Wierach (DLR), Dr. Caroline Sainvitu (CENAERO), Mr. David Dumas (CENAERO), Dr. Manuel Chiachío (UGR), Prof. Athanasios Kolios (Univ. Strathclyde), Dr. Dimitrios Chronopoulos (Univ. Nottingham).


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Uncertainty quantification in Neural Networks by Approximate Bayesian Computation: Application to fatigue in composite materials. Particle filter-based hybrid damage prognosis considering measurement bias. Reduction of