ESRs (Early Stage Researchers)


ESR 1: Shankar Galiana

Reliable sensor networks for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) systems in highly loaded composite structures.

ESR 2: Aravind Balaji

Virtual Laboratory for Modelling and Optimisation of Manufacturing of Composites Structures with embedded SHM systems.

ESR 3: Amond Sarr Allouko

Computing Platform Based on Novel High-Order Numerical Methods for Smart FRP Composite estructures with Embedded AU-SHM sensors.

ESR 4: Tasdeeq Sofi

Novel procedure for designing, manufacturing and assembling smart composite wind turbine blades with embedded AU-SHM sensors.

ESR 5: Morteza Moradi

Prognostic signatures based on data-fusion techniques from Lamb-wave and acoustic emission in real-world FRP laminates subjected to random fatigue damage.

ESR 6: Tianzhi Li

Development of super-fast Bayesian algorithms for real-time prognostics incomposite structures using structural health monitoring.

ESR 7: Javier Contreras

Development of a System—Level Post-Prognostics Reasoner for FRP turbine blades using on-board SHM.

ESR 8: Wen Wu

Modelling risk of failure using guided wave propagation and interaction with damage in complex composite structures.

ESR 9: Juan Fernández

Paradigm-Shift Research for System-Level Real-Time Prognostics of Cyber-Physical Assets using Deep Learning approaches.

ESR 10: Ali Saleh

Development of a prognostics-based self—adaptive Expert System for smart Composite Structures.