Amond and Javier, the fifth and sixth doctors of the Enhance project, congratulations! (12nd and 19th of March, 2024)

Amond Sarr Allouko successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis titled “Optimal computation of integrals in the Half-Space Matching method for modal simulation of SHM/NDE in 3D elastic plate” on March 12th at Paris-Saclay University. His supervisors and mentors, Alain Lhemery, Vahan Baronian, and Anne-Sophie Bonnet-Ben Dhia, were present to support him on this special day. Congratulations to Amond, the youngest Ph.D. of the ENHAnCE project!

On March 19th, Javier Contreras also successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis titled “Development of a System Level Post Prognostics Reasoner for FRP turbine blades” at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, U.K. His supervisors, Athanasios Kolios and Feargal Brennan, guided him throughout this endeavor. Undoubtedly, this research will significantly contribute to the advancement of wind energy development.


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